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Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (Business Administration) - Awarded by MDIS

Course Type: Diploma | Study Mode: Part-Time
Keywords: Part-Time | Certificate | Diploma | Business | Advanced Diploma | Management
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Programme Objectives

The Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (Business Administration) has been specially designed to:

Equip students with effective managerial skills required for supervisory positions.

Impart the essential knowledge and pre-requisites needed for participants to pursue a formal undergraduate education in Business and/or Accounting and Finance related programmes.

Provide students with opportunities for internationally recognised professional accreditation

Assessment Methods

Combination of class participation, assignments, presentations and written examinations.


Students who have successfully completed all coursework and examinations will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (Business Administration).


Upon successful completion of this programme, students will gain entry to the University of Sunderland, UK.

Career Opportunities

The Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (Business Administration) is designed to provide students with a good foundation in a broad range of business knowledge.

Entry Requirements
Interested applicants must possess ONE of the following entrance requirements:
- MDIS Diploma in Management Studies OR
- Relevant Diplomas from other recognised local/overseas polytechnics or other PEIs (with an entry requirement of 12 years of formal education)
- Applicants must be of age 16 and above
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