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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in South Asian Studies

Course Type: Bachelor Degree | Study Mode: Full-Time
Keywords: Undergraduate | Full-time | South Asian Studies
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The objective of the Psychology programme at the B.A. level is to provide a comprehensive basic academic grounding in psychology. The programme aims to equip students with knowledge in the key areas of psychology (such as human biological processes, developmental processes, social processes, cognitive processes, mental health and adjustment of individuals) as well as an understanding of the applications of psychology. It also develops skills for undertaking studies of behaviour, including statistical skills and the use of computers for data analyses.

Among the central topics and questions that the programme considers are: -

Biological Psychology - What are the biological bases of our behaviours?
Cognitive Psychology - How do we know about the world and ourselves?
Abnormal Psychology - What are the nature and causes of abnormal behaviour?
Developmental Psychology - What happens as we grow from birth through childhood into adulthood and then into old age?
Social Psychology - How does interaction with others and groups influence our behaviour?
Empirical Methods - How can we obtain data about psychologically interesting phenomena and how should these data be analysed and reported?

The programme seeks to provide sufficient rigour and coverage so that students can either take on psychology-related vocations or pursue graduate training in psychology when they graduate. Toward this end students undertake laboratory/practical work and are encouraged to enquire through empirical study rather than simply to through reading or classroom instruction.

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