Art and Social Science Course

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Theatre Studies

Course Type: Bachelor Degree | Study Mode: Full-Time
Keywords: Undergraduate | Full-time | Theatre Studies
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Our NUS BBA/BBA(Acc.) is the leadership and management talent programme. The Business School is committed to academic excellence and being a world-class institution, building on its strength in research and teaching. The School serves to:

provide a rigorous, relevant, and rewarding education for present and future leaders and managers by integrating the best of East and West in our research, teaching, service and enterprise activities.

The NUS Business School operates on a modular system. Students have the flexibility to design their curricula and to pace their studies. They also have the freedom to take all modules in the sequence they prefer, subject to any prerequisite requirements and to modules availability through the Centralized Online Registration System (CORS). Students considering a double degree programme may be further guided by its more restrictive requirements. New students choose their modules during the Orientation Week.

Business students may freely choose and change their specialisations online at the beginning of every semester (including their very first semester). Indication of specialization usually takes place at the end of the 2nd year to the start of the 3rd year. Students typically enroll for modules that together are worth from 15 to 24 MCs (i.e. about 4 to 6 modules) in a regular semester; more can be taken on exceptional basis. It is theoretically possible to complete a BBA in 2 years, and a BBA(H) in 3 years.

More than 70% of curricular time is spent in a class with less than 50 other students; More than half of classes conducted have no final examinations. The NUS BBA's U.S.-style curricular structure and assessment rubric are complemented by U.K.-style focus on specialised contents with functional depths, as well as Singapore-style academic governance and educational zeal.

Students may enrich their curriculum by applying for the University Scholars Program (USP), Student Exchange Program (SEP) and NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC), thus spending up to 1.5 years abroad whilst still fulfilling University study requirements.

Students enter the BBA as a stand-alone programme, as part of a double-degree programme, or as part of a Concurrent BBA Master of Science in Managment (With CEMS Master in International Management) or BBA with Master of Public Policy (MPP) programme. As such, our BBA welcomes students, as burgeoning leaders and managers, either directly from outside NUS or indirectly from other NUS faculties or departments. MSc(Mgt) students may complete the BBA(H)/BBA(AccH) USP MSc(Mgt) MIM(CEMS) in 5.5 years. Top-flight students may also complete the BBA(H) USP MPP(LKY) in 5.5 years with normal academic load.

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