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Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor

Course Type: Bachelor Degree | Study Mode: Full-Time
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Launching in July 2017

Early Childhood Education is an in-demand multi-disciplinary career around the world as governments are now paying greater attention to the healthy growth and development of young children. Recent research has shown that when governments invest more in the lives of young children, especially those in poverty and neglect, the investment can result in a healthier, more educated and employable adult population. As such, early childhood education has become an emerging and exciting field that can lead to real improvements for any society.

The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor is a four-year direct honours teacher preparation programme. It aims to equip students for entry into the Singapore early childhood education profession as certified teachers for kindergartens and child care centres. The programme is also designed with a future and global outlook to produce graduates who are poised to contribute towards improving the lives of young children and their families across traditionally separate disciplines such as social services and public education (e.g., museums, healthcare).

To graduate, students are required to complete a total of 200 credit units (cu), inclusive of 40 cu of Common Curriculum courses which are designed to hone students' conceptual and writing abilities along with their communication skills. In addition, they are required to complete up to 12 months of supervised field education (including Work Attachment), an overseas experience and a service-learning project. UniSIM aims to produce graduates who are professionally competent, social-minded, self-directed learners who are versatile enough to work with both young children and adults.

The academic admission requirements are: (a) at least three passes in H2 content subjects; or (b) a local polytechnic diploma, an international baccalaureate diploma, or a diploma from NUS High School; or (c) an equivalent of (a) or (b). Applicants with (c) have to submit SAT1 scores. There will be additional admission criteria to better target students who are aligned to the educational philosophy of our full-time programmes. This will be done through interviews and selection tests.

Graduates can look forward to enriching careers in public and private sectors in education and community work, social entrepreneurship, as well as international non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

All Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents who are successfully enrolled into the full-time Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor programme in UniSIM will qualify for the Training Award (University) [TA(Uni)]. The award includes tuition fees and monthly stipend. Details of the Training Award will be available later on.

Course Duration
4 years (Full-time)
Entry Requirements
If you are a Singaporean or Permanent Resident with at least 3 passes in H2 content subjects, and passes in GP and PW, with an attempt at a H1 contrasting subject; or a diploma from a polytechnic in Singapore with a pass in O-level English; or a diploma from an International Baccalaureate school or NUS High School, start this journey with us. SAT1 is required if you have an equivalent of any of the above qualifications.
Course Fees
From SGD31,000 for Singapore Citizens
From SGD62,000 for Singapore Permanent Residents
Next Intake: Jul 2017
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