Art and Social Science Course

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology

Course Type: Bachelor Degree | Study Mode: Full-Time
Keywords: Undergraduate | Full-time | Psychology
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The Computer Engineering programme (CEG) at NUS prepares its graduates to embark on a lifelong journey in designing computing systems for a smarter world - hence our theme ""Design Intelligence"".

Technology is being interweaved into our lives by a variety of devices used by people of all ages and as part of their daily routine. Computer engineers introduce greater intelligence in increasingly smaller but more powerful devices - from the smart phone that you cannot live without, to massive industrial control systems that power economies. They create the electronic systems in a modern car containing dozens of computing systems communicating through a network. They connect the physical world with cyberspace to enhance everything from entertainment to healthcare and the environment.

CEG gives you the skills and knowledge to engineer exciting solutions that move as well as change the world.

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Next Intake: Aug 2017