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Draw from the Creative Brain - Portraiture

Course Type: Workshop | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: Workshop | Draw | Right Brain | Portraiture
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Visually, we have always drawn on faces for information vital to our physical and social wellbeing. Artistically, the art of being able to draw have always been daunting, and people have always had the misconception that drawing faces can be very difficult.

Taking the first step to conceptualise a drawing may seem challenging but it is certainly possible!

Join this course to equip you with the fundamentals of drawing and portraiture. You will also learn how to tap on your right brain to unlock your creativity and apply realism to your drawings.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Have a sense of what drawing is instead of the perception of what constitutes 'good' art, i.e. everyone can draw.

  • Understand how to activate the right brain to unleash creativity.

  • Apply newfound knowledge in creating an eventual portraiture.

Who should attend?

Teachers, budding artists, hobbyists and individuals who have an interest in drawing.


Participants will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance issued by Republic Polytechnic

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