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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Business Management (Top Up)

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One of the phenomena of the 20th and 21st centuries has been that of globalisation. This course equips students with the knowledge and expertise to manage within this global framework. As globalisation increases, more organisations have to work beyond their regional boundaries, compete in diverse global environments and find that their traditional domestic markets are open to global challenges. These organisations need experts who can work across multicultural barriers, develop effective international strategies and source products internationally. This course will train students in these business key areas.
The course will provide an interdisciplinary approach to global citizenship and will help students develop their own understanding of complex notions in the international business environment. Additionally, the course will help students develop Digital Literacy skills through the use of applications software employed by contemporary organisations. The development of student knowledge and understanding of a range of international business and management practices and the ability to apply them effectively in an entrepreneurial and innovative manner will also be emphasised, as it is recognised that entrepreneurship is a key force for successful economic growth.
Student will learn and apply knowledge and expertise of managing in organisations and in different national cultures to evaluate the nature of multinationals' activities in a global business environment. The course will discuss and appreciate the issues surrounding developing effective international strategies and sourcing products internationally. Students will critically evaluate international business theories related to managing international operations, international strategy and risk analysis, and the principles of international business. Students will be encouraged to utilise a range of contemporary strategies in developing solutions for a global context. This programme prepares students for careers in accountancy and finance, personnel and human resource management, marketing and market research, business strategy, small business management and start-up, economics, e-business and information management.
The course provides an interdisciplinary approach to Global Citizenship and will help students form their own understandings of complex and contested notions in the business environment. Students will develop informed perspectives on their own and collective responsibilities as global citizens within their local, national and international communities.
The course will provide students with the opportunity to develop Digital Literacy skills through the use of applications software used by contemporary organisations. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of managerial systems and their impact upon organisations. Digital literacy skills are also developed through the engagement with the "E" aspects of the learning process through the process of engagement with "E" materials, tasks, Personal Development Planning and collaborative learning.
Area Of Studies
Assessment Framework
Courses are assessed by a combination of coursework, practical assignments and examinations. Formative assessments will also be included, as well as self- and peer-assessment and a research project.
Entry Requirements
English Language Requirements
- Minimum C6 in English at GCE "O" Levels or;
- IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, or;
- TOEFL 550 (Paper based) or equivalent, or
- Evidence of English proficiency equivalent to the IELTS or TOEFL as above.
- Evidence of completion of certificate course conducted in English (only for Singapore Institutions)
 Academic Requirements
- ERCI Advanced Diploma in Business Administration or;
- Advanced Diploma in business from a recognized institute of higher learning; or
- Business Diploma from a local polytechnic.
- Applicants should be at least 18 years of age at the time of registration
- Applicants with a diploma in a non-business related field from a local polytechnic or a recognized institute of higher learning will be required to undertake bridging modules at the ERCI Advanced Diploma level, subject to assessment for exemptions
- Students who do not meet the English Language Requirements are to sit for ERC Institute English Placement Test
Other Information
The University of Wolverhampton is a dynamic, innovative and business focused university in the centre of England with history of going back to mid-1800s. With over 23,000 students from 100 different countries, inclusive of 2,500 overseas students, students become part of a learning community that promotes knowledge, innovation and enterprise. Equipping students with the knowledge they require for their career progression in their chosen industry, The University of Wolverhampton maintains strong links with the business world and offers graduate & postgraduate courses that provide experience & practical skills that organisations value. The University of Wolverhampton's various areas of research is ranked among the best in the world. Based on the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), 8 of the 11 chose fields of research that the University pursues, is accredited as achieving global standards. This is testament to the University of Wolverhamptons commitment to advancing opportunities for students to pursue academic research as a globally acknowledged level.
Established for over 80 years, we were one of the first business schools in the country to offer MBA programmes, coaching and mentoring qualifications and have a tradition of innovation in developing courses which meet the needs of business and managers. The School has trained thousands of managers regionally, nationally and internationally. Our professional qualifications are fully accredited, recognised throughout the world, and are designed to accelerate your career progression by allowing you to demonstrate your commitment to achieving the highest professional standards. The professional linkage of the School is one of the core strengths. The School is the largest provider of Chartered Institute of Personal and Development (CIPD) programmes. The School is also one of the top providers for Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) programmes. Other linkage includes Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Chartered Institute of management Accountants (CIMA), Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Recently, the School collaborated with Institute of Directors (IoD) to offer mentorship to students. Wolverhampton Business School has several research clusters which include Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Research Cluster, Corporate Governance and Ethics Cluster, HRM and Industrial Relations Cluster and International Business Cluster.
Course Delivery
Students undertaking the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Business Management (Top Up) programme will be expected to complete 6 modules of academic study.
This programme is available in full and part time modes, and will take 15 months to complete. Full-time students will attend classes 5 days a week on weekdays while part-time students will attend classes 2-3 times a week on weekdays.
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