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Change Management

Course Type: Seminar | Study Mode: Class Room
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Course Detail


How to Thrive in a Changing Environment

Why You Should Attend This Course

Many of us have to deal with a constatnly changing enivronment at the workplace including downsizing, oursourcing, restrucuring and much more. The workshop will focus on how and why it is important for organizations and individuals to change, Participants will also discuss issues related to work and the discomfort in changes. The workshop will also enlighten participants on the processes that lead to change and the benefits that come with it. There will also be a video on change management and an action plan on how to anticipate and manage change

Learning Outcomes

  • To have an understanding of the fundamentals of change and how it affects individuals and organisatons

  • To appreciate the positive impacts of change and how individuals can play an important role in facilitating change

  • To acquire knowledge required to respond to change, adapt to change, embrace change and thrive in a changing environment

Curriculum Overview

Course Outline

  • Defining change in various forms

  • Identifying changes in the environment and the workplace

  • Overcoming fears of change and uncertainty

  • Four phases in dealing with change Training Video

  • How to facilitate change in the organization and your team

  • How to anticipate change - Group Discussion

  • Acquiring workplace processes in facilitating change

  • Solutions to common change problems

  • Facilitating open communication to cope with change

  • Video/Case studies on Organizations that changed successfully

  • Action plan on how to deal with change

Other Information

Target Audience:

Those who are undergoing change within their organisations and those who wish to learn techniques to prepare themselves for change as well as learn how to adapt successfully to a constatnly changing environment

Trainer Profile:

James Suresh has successfully transformed his career from being an officer in the armed forces for 15 years to being a best selling author and co-creator of comic icons including Mr Kiasu and later setting up his own PR and Training consultancy. Through these changes he has moved from success to succes and has been recognised fand received commendations for his contributions to the community for various initiatives including promoting kindness and neighburliness. He embraces change and believes that if everyone can learn to anticiate and adapt to change we can not only survive but thrive in a changing world.