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Design Thinking For Successful Problem Solving

Course Type: Workshop | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: Workshop | Design Thinking | Problem Solving | Innovation | Human Centred Design
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Design touches all aspects; and impacts the human experience.

The new age requires change-makers, inspirers of new ideas, implementers and solution finders. Be it the individual, the community, or the organisation, design allows for a human-centric approach to creative thinking and problem-solving.

To be competitive, organisations today need to create new strategies, new brands and new applications. They must find new ways to connect with users and customers.

So learn and use design thinking tools to lead innovative ideas, and increase the probability of success and breakthrough.

Learning Objectives

Participants will work in small teams to experience and learn the following through a design challenge based on these principles:

Human centred and empathetic design

Utilising various design tools such as persona and scenarios

Developing a culture of prototyping and collaboration

Who should attend?

CEOs, COOs, Managers and anyone who are keen to adopt creative problem-solving design in their organisations.


Participants will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance issued by Republic Polytechnic.

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