Business & Management Course

Negotiation and Influence

Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Online
Keywords: Part-time | Certification | Management | Leadership | Negotiation | Influence Strategy | Business | Online | E-learning

Course Detail

The ability to negotiate favorable agreements with customers, colleagues, investors and suppliers is a vital skill for executives. To be able to do so, leaders should be able to examine the psychology of decision making, overcome barriers to negotiation and apply successful negotiation tactics while evaluating alternate approaches. This course will help you rethink negotiation as a problem solving tool and identify how you can create and claim value in your interactions from the everyday to the rare and high-value.
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
- Enhance bargaining power to create more value and claim a larger share of the pie
- Recognize and resolve different issues that occur frequently when negotiating
- Develop strategies for efficient pre-negotiation preparation
- Build and maintain working relationships without forfeiting economic outcomes
- Deal with difficult tactics
Course Duration
2 months (2-4 hours per week)
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