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Designing a Memorable Customer Experience - one moment at a time

Course Type: Seminar | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: Customer Service | Seminar

Course Detail


Why You Should Attend This Course

  • Customer experience is the new battleground for anyone in marketing. Creating and delivering a memorable customer experience drives sales, growth, repeat business and new customers.

  • But the problem is how to keep pace with rising customer expectations? Journey maps for example are a useful start but not enough.

  • We need to use a more creative and emotional customer response driven approach which is built around key moments where the customer says (thinks or feels) Thank You.

  • This course will give you the tools to make a real customer difference every day

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will:

- Be able to Create Thank You Responses in the key customer moments

- Learn a new language and customer response tool kit.

- Develop new products and services designed back from the customer

- Feel more confident, engaged and inspired to enhance the customer experience and journey

- Become the champion for this new way of thinking throughout their organisation.

Curriculum Overview

Course Outline

What is the customer experience?

- Why it matters

- Mapping the Customer Journey as a starting point

- Examples, templates etc

- The new focus - Creating Memorable Customer Moments

- Why moments matter more than journeys

- Examples

- Sharing memorable moments - Personal experiences, what can we all learn?

- How to create a memorable moment

- What s the ideal customer response as a result of these moments?

- Thank You!

- It s the new, customer driven, emotional response.

- Moving beyond Thanks to Thank You.


From pain points to pleasure points

Multiplying the Thank You Effect across the organisation


The next 90 days.

Q & A.

Other Information

Target Audience:

  • Leaders and managers who are responsible for designing the customer or brand experience. It will be of benfit to everyone in marketing, innovation, new product development, sales, account management and market research.

Trainer Profile:

  • Dr Ken Hudson is an international author, speaker, facilitaor and trainer.

  • His Phd is in Organisational Creativity.

  • His 3 books include The Idea Generator, The Idea Accelerator and Speed Thinking.

  • Ken was a former Marketing Director at American Express and product manager and Citibank and Slazengers.

  • He is the inventor of Speed Thinking which he has taught to thousands of people with high impact.

  • Ken has worked with a large number of leading brands all over Asia.

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