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Digital & Social Media Crisis Management

Course Type: Seminar | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: Marketing | Social Media | Digital | Seminar

Course Detail


Why You Should Attend This Course:

In this masterclass, brand owners, marketers and communication professionals will be armed with a proprietary strategic framework that can be easily adapted to the needs to any organization. This tried and tested framework is enhanced with the latest industry best practices, and is currently adopted by top global brands as a key component of enterprise risk management. Through a combination of presentation, assessment matrixes, templates, case studies and hands-on exercises, attendees will be able to plan, prepare, manage and mitigate social media crises effectively.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Employ the framework to prepare for potential social media crises
  • Qualify the value of investing in mitigating risks on social media
  • Prepare policies and guidelines to guide an organization
  • Assess the circumstance to qualify an actual social media crisis
  • Manage social media crises without aggravating the situation
  • Respond appropriately to the benefit of the organization
  • Employ the appropriate support tools and resources
  • Avoid issues that can cause unnecessary further escalation of issues
Curriculum Overview

Course Outline:

Introduction to social media crisis

  • Establishing what is social media crisis management

  • Qualifying the cost to businesses

  • Valuing risk mitigation

A social media crisis management framework

Pre-crisis management phase

  • Appointing a task force

  • Developing plans & policies

  • Employing monitoring tools

  • Preparing the infrastructure

  • Establishing official channels, communities and advocates

Crisis management phase

  • Understanding the situation:

    o Discovering root cause

    o Classifying incident correctly

    o Applying consumer empathy

  • Responding appropriately through

    o Funneling discussions

    o Matching the circumstance

  • Using the key components to an effective response
  • Avoiding the pitfalls
  • Deploying all support infrastructure and support plans

Post crisis management phase

  • Analyzing the crisis

  • Recovering from the crisis

Case studies & actual case exercises

Other Information

Target Audience:

Marketing and communications professionals

Digital and social media professionals

Brand owners

Business owners

Trainer Profile:

Ryan Lim is the Principal Consultant and Founding Partner of QED Consulting. He has been a digital marketer for more than 15 years, and is a pioneer in social media marketing. Ryan is a senior management strategist and advisor to some of the world s leading businesses and brands with his wealth of experience in digital marketing and communications. Many of his proprietary digital frameworks and methodologies are currently adopted by leading institutions and organizations. He founded Blugrapes in 2006, and led his team to become one of three top social media agencies in Singapore in 2012. In 2014, he left Blugrapes and founded QED Consulting. By 2016, he led QED Consulting to win Marketing Magazine s coveted top content marketing agency award for two successive years.

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