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Marketing Creativity

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Why You Should Attend This Course:

This highly interactive and practical 2-day course combines creativity and marketing in a fresh, new way.

For too long creativity has applied only to advertising. But this is not enough to win in the market-place today. Consumers, retailers and suppliers are demanding more creativity and innovation across every marketing activity. In this course you will learn how to do this. Competing on ideas and imagination is the one thing that establish competitors fear the most.

Dr Hudson will also be discussing how to make the most of Blitz Mobile. It is fast, free and fun to use. Check it out before the course!

Also check out his latest video on a creativity tool called 'The Power of 3'

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Experience and learn a new, more generative way of thinking about the consumer experience, brands and products
  • Learn a new set of creative thinking tools you can apply immediately to generate new product and brand building ideas and growth opportunities
  • Learn how to escape self-limiting assumptions and beliefs about your marketplace
  • Be more confident in your own creativity and be able to unleash the creativity of your team. Your brainstorming sessions will really come alive!
Curriculum Overview

Course Outline:

Day 1

  • Introduction Why marketing needs greater creativity
  • Let's be clear what is marketing, creativity & innovation?
  • It's more than advertising applying creativity to everything we do
  • The world is changing marketing has not!
  • Divergent vs. convergent thinking
  • Some creative thinking theories e.g. thinking on 2 planes, Wallas 4 steps
  • Core idea and expression
  • My creative problem-solving model
  • What's wrong with Brainstorming
  • How to make it work
  • It's your own mindset that limits growth not the marketplace
  • Using the Mindset Box Tool
  • Case Study: Transforming Garbage Bags!
  • Using your Imagination to look at your market differently
  • Using the Brand Imagination Tool
  • How to develop more original & differentiated brand & marketing strategies
  • Using the Power of 3 tool
  • How to anticipate what your competitors will do next
  • Competitive Insight Tool

Day 2

  • What is Speed Thinking & Blitz?
  • The Insight behind it
  • The Magic Formula 9 in 2 minutes
  • The 5 steps
  • Using Blitz to generate ideas & solutions in minutes
  • Most new products fail what is going wrong?
  • Why do we accept it raising our expectations
  • Using a random product customer segment matrix
  • How to leverage consumer trends & insights
  • What is the idea product or customer experience?
  • Working back from the ideal
  • Co-creating with consumers
  • Co-creating with partners, employees and suppliers
  • Identifying new growth opportunities
  • The never-evers tool
  • Becoming a marketing creativity leader
  • Building a more creative team & culture
  • The future of marketing becoming idea leaders
Other Information

Who Will Benefit?

  • Product, brand and marketing managers, leaders and executives will learn how to develop more creative and effective marketing plans, strategies and actions.
  • Advertising, PR and media professionals will learn how to think more creatively and add more value to their clients.
  • Market research, insight and innovation executives will discover a more innovative way to transform their rich insights into big, powerful concepts.
  • Marketing students will learn a new way to think about marketing theory and practice.

Trainer's Profile:

This course has been designed by Dr Ken Hudson, former marketing director at American Express and international author, speaker and trainer. He has a PhD in Organisational Creativity and has published 3 books on idea generation that have been published in 9 countries. He specialises in unlocking creativity and innovation in individuals, groups & teams quickly.

Dr Hudson invented and taught Marketing Creativity at the University of Technology, Sydney for 10 years at a post-graduate level (as a part-time lecturer). He is Australia's leading authority on creativity & innovation and believes that every individual, group, team and organisation has a latent potential for greater creativity & innovation.

He has been interviewed by Business Review Weekly, ABC Radio, The Australian Financial Review, The Boss Magazine and contributed many articles for Marketing Magazine, HR Monthly, Leading Company and Fast Thinking, about creativity, innovation & speed thinking.

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