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Omni-Channel Marketing

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Why You Should Attend This Course:

In the 'present day' business environment, the 'old school' rules of marketing don't seem to apply anymore. Paradigms are being shattered daily, in every aspect of our lives, professional and social lifestyle choices.

Within the realm of marketing, previously sacred institutions of top rate advertising agencies, paid media owners and the traditional dichotomy between above and below the line advertising has all but blurred.

If a marketing professional were to enter a time warp from the early 90's smack into 2015, he or she would be absolutely astonished & bewildered by the following:

  • Plethora of choices of digital content & information overload
  • Pervasive usage of mobile convergent devices as a tool to opinionate, be informed and to transact
  • Integration of hybrid and multi-channels to 'wow' the customer
  • Breakdown on traditional business models business & profit centres, departments & functions
  • Staggering amount of metadata available to track behavior, usage, preferences and patterns of digital customer and user traffic, to the point that "over-analysis will lead to paralysis"
  • Retailers don't retail anymore. The smart ones inform, educate & entertain, even before the consumer steps into a 'brick & mortar' store.
  • Supremacy of the new shopper, the Gen C, 'highly attention-deficit' and individualistic consumer who gets to decide when, where and how to best shop.

Within this seemingly chaotic world of multi-channels, diverse and informed shoppers, shifting business models and paradigms, the concept, strategy and application of Omni-Channel Marketing will provide some clarity at the end of a dark & hazy tunnel.

Course Outline:

  • What does Omni-Channel Marketing really mean?
  • Omni-Channel & Multi-Channel Marketing fundamental differences
  • Strategic components & application of Omni-Channel Marketing
  • The concept of a COCO, plus distributive strategies of budgets and revenue
  • Fundamentals of omni-channel adaptive content a 'must have' !
  • Analytics in omni-channels blessings, curses or just plain overload?
  • Effective branding strategies across omni-channels
  • Best practices of successful Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Retail shopping in Omni-Channel Marketing the Poster Child
  • Customer Satisfaction Ubiquity driving a unified omni-channel experience
  • Constructing a strategic framework and checklist with Omni-Channel Marketing
Other Information

Who Will Benefit?

  • Senior management and business decision leaders who should grasp the fundamentals, strategies and implementation of Omni-Channel Marketing and holistic customer experience.
  • Functional marketing managers who would benefit from assimilating a strategic viewpoint of how all the various parts come together under one roof with Omni-Channel Marketing.
  • Retail and consumer-oriented sales & marketing personnel attempting to adopt & implement Omni-Channel Marketing in place of conventional marketing silo driven practices.
  • Business owners of SMEs and legacy businesses interested to update their company approach towards effective multi-channel marketing.

Trainer's Profile

Tan Seck Wee has over 30 years of Asia Pacific management experience, leading a spectrum of businesses spanning consumer electronics, telecommunications, digital marketing / e-commerce, retailing, luxury cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, toys to lifestyle publications. He has held many senior leadership positions in various international and regional corporations including:

  • Vice President and Strategic Business Group Director, Asia Pacific
  • Regional Business General Manager Asia
  • Business General Manager Greater China
  • Chief Marketing Officer Asia Pacific
  • Regional General Manager South East Asia
  • Board Director/Group General Manager South East Asia

A highly motivated and capable business leader, his knowledge, patience, resilience and sharp business sense was key in contributing to market growth and strategic development of some companies and/or businesses, for example Eastman Kodak, Singapore Telecoms, Asia Pacific Breweries, Mattel, Metro, Wella and L Oreal. His areas of expertise include Strategic Marketing, Change Management, Channels and Retail Operations, Go-to-market Planning and Business Development.

Seck Wee has also served the marketing community at large, as Council Member of the Singapore Advertisers Association, lectured for the Marketing Institute of Singapore and being on the Panel of Examiners for the CAM Diploma (UK) in his earlier years. In December 2010, Seck Wee was invited to join the panel of judges for the first WARC Prize for Best Asian Strategy 2011, a panel chaired by Miles Young, Chief Executive Officer for Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide.

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