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Service Metrics for Customer Service & Satisfaction

Course Type: Seminar | Study Mode: Class Room
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Course Detail


Why You Should Attend This Course:

In a competitive environment with rapid growth in technology, the challenge is not only to provide service but to do it efficiently and effectively. In order to succeed, organisations not only need to think of service processes but also the need to track customer service metrics to effectively manage and improve without compromising on quality.

By effective use of technology, it is possible for companies to analyse data to drive decisions and pinpoint areas to raise performance and improve on customer engagements to turn customers into loyal brand advocates of the company. The most effective way to achieve this objective is to develop a process where service metrics in critical areas are analysed to identify strengths and weaknesses to continuously improve service performance for customer satisfaction.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand importance of service metrics for performance and profitability
  • Recognise customer expectations in competitive environment to improve on service
  • Essential metrics for service improvements to build customer loyalty
  • Identify performance gaps and prioritising improvements through service metrics
  • Ensuring metrics meet SMART objectives and establishing key performance indicators
  • Cultivating a customer focused culture using service metrics
Curriculum Overview

Course Outline:

Day 1

  • Customer expectations in a competitive environment
  • Importance of service metrics to meet customer expectations
  • Choosing the right customer service metrics for your company
  • Essential metrics for service and satisfaction - Service activities and resolutions
  • Ensuring metrics meet SMART objectives - Service metrics that improve customer success
  • Tracking the right customer service metrics to improve service teams
  • Identifying performance gaps and common pitfalls

Day 2

  • Contextual understanding of churn rates and churn prevention
  • Analysing service metrics of individual and team performance to increase efficiency
  • Managing accounts that are likely to churn based on Based Service Metrics Analysis
  • Considering account value and prioritising response
  • Removing barriers to meet customer satisfaction
  • Retaining customers and turning them into brand advocates
  • Employee engagement - Cultivating a customer focused culture
Other Information

Who Will Benefit?

Any executives, managers, Head of Department and business owners who is responsible for developing, managing and ensuring high service standards during customer engagements / interactions.

Trainers' Profile:

Stanis Benjamin, Master Facilitator and Distinguished Toastmaster, is a motivational humorist and an accomplished speaker, consultant and trainer in the fields of business presentation skills, sales, communication, customer service, leadership and strategies for personal success. As a coach, consultant and keynote speaker, he has addressed many companies and institutions and helped senior executives, high-achieving professionals and beginners to reach higher levels of performance.

Stanis is a thought leader on how to create and sustain high performance. He combines theory with management practices to develop action-oriented techniques for building winning teams. He has been invited as an expert to speak on the topics "Behaviour Focused Communication and Humour in Presentations" and presented on Positive Business Minutes for News Radio 93.8.

He has gained excellent reputation for his work with human resource and training departments of numerous organisations to design and develop Sales, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership and Communication training programmes. Stanis brings with him over 15 years of training and coaching experience and is accredited as an Executive Leadership facilitator.

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