Science & Technology Course

EDB Industrial Postgraduate Programme

Course Type: Master Degree | Study Mode: Full-Time
Keywords: Full-time | Postgraduate

Course Detail

The EDB-IPP is an initiative by the Singapore Economic Development Board to develop a pool of postgraduate manpower with the essential and critical R&D skill-sets for roles in the industry. 

EDB-IPP trainees are provided with postgraduate training in a corporate R&D environment through EDB s partnership with companies and locally-based universities (such as SUTD).

Successful EDB-IPP trainees will be full-time salaried employees at the company while pursuing full-time PhD studies at SUTD.  Trainees are expected to spend at least 50% of their time on an identified company research project (supervised by a team comprising 1 academic faculty from SUTD and 1 company staff with PhD qualifications) at the company s facility.

EDB-IPP Trainee Eligibility

  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 
  • Eligible for full-time PhD studies 
  • Jointly selected by SUTD and company

Sponsorship Terms (for 4 years) by EDB and Company

  • Full SUTD PhD Programme tuition fees 
  • 100% of basic salary up to S$3,300/month + Employer s CPF** contribution, company free to top up (up to 13 months per year where part of Coy s standard HR policies) 

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