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Introduction to Building Interactive Experiences with Unity

Course Type: Workshop | Study Mode: Class Room
Keywords: Workshop | Unity | Immerseive | AR | VR | 2D | 3D
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Republic Polytechnic

Course Detail


Learn to create and build immersive experiences with Unity.

Use the Unity game engine to create interactive visualisation for architectural walkthroughs, engineering visualisations, event gamification and more.

Create 2D and 3D assets with Unity's robust and powerful game rendering capabilities that are both high-fidelity and scalable. Deploy your content on various platforms, including PC, Mac, smart phones, and web applications in traditional and immersive technologies like AR and VR. Find out how you can use Unity to enhance interactivity by adding game elements to content too.

Learning Objectives

  • Create and set-up Unity projects.

  • Import 3D Assets.

  • Compose scenes using 3D objects.

  • Apply textures and colours to objects in Unity.

  • Design interaction in the scenes.

Who should attend?

Designers involved in creating 3D visualisation of their designs including graphic and games designers, artists, architects and engineers.

Entry Requirement

Participants should have basic experience in using 3D software.


Participants will be awarded the Certificate of Attendance by Republic Polytechnic upon meeting 80% of the attendance.

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