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Master of Science in Health Sciences (Management) (Northumbria University, UK)

Course Type: Master Degree | Study Mode: Part-Time
Keywords: Postgraduate | Part-time | Health Sciences | Management | Healthcare |
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Programme Objectives

The MSc Health Sciences (Management) programme is designed to offer the opportunity for experienced practitioners and others interested in Health Management to focus on practices, policies and drivers in relation to their impact on the healthcare sector. The intention is to create the conditions in which students are able to reflect on issues that are relevant to their own professional work. The programme enables individuals to consider the implications of their learning, reading and enquiry for policy and practice in their own area of interest.
The aim of the programme is to establish the conditions and standards for rigorous critical enquiry and to extend the criteria for judging taken-for-granted assumptions underlying policy and practice in the Health Management field. The programme will enable students to develop an increasing respect for evidence and discourse and the capacity to initiate and sustain change, both in their own practice and more generally within their professional context.
The programme aims to provide the educational opportunity for students to develop their abilities in dealing with complex issues, demonstrating self-direction and originality whilst continuing to advance their knowledge and understanding.

Methods of Assessment

Modules will be assessed through a combination of coursework and examinations depending on the individual module’s learning outcomes.


Upon successful completion of 4 modules and the dissertation, students will be awarded the Master of Science in Health Sciences (Management) by Northumbria University. In addition, graduates from the programme are entitled to use the designatory title, MSc, after their names.


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