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SIM University is the only university in Singapore dedicated to working adults, allowing them to pursue lifelong learning and higher education while balancing career, family and social responsibilities. The primary focus of the UniSIM School of Law is to train and produce lawyers for the practice of law in Singapore particularly in the areas of Criminal Law and Family Law. This is part of the national effort to meet the need for lawyers in the areas of Criminal Law and Family Law. Currently, there is a gap in the supply in terms of well-trained lawyers for these areas of law. Traditionally, lawyers tend to gravitate to the commercial areas of law thus leaving a gap in Criminal Law and Family Law areas. From the perspective of our society, this is a concern we need to address. UniSIM School of Law seeks to address this shortfall.

However, even when this shortfall of practitioners is overcome, it remains a fact that Criminal Law and Family Law affects families, communities and the society in Singapore: the practitioners are involved in more than just legal issues. The UniSIM School of Law will offer more training and exposure to cross-disciplinary areas like sociology, social work and criminology, to prepare students for family and criminal legal work that have become increasingly specialised over time. In time, the UniSIM School of Law will be a focal point for the broader eco-system of practitioners, students, government bodies and non-governmental organisations working in these fields, generating relevant and cross-cutting research in collaboration with similar institutes in Singapore and overseas jurisdictions.

In view of UniSIM School of Law's emphasis on the practice of law, the focus will be on applied learning to prepare our graduates for the practice of law in Singapore.

As the emphasis is on applied learning, the UniSIM law programmes will concentrate on core areas of law including Criminal Law and Family Law as well as related non-law subjects rather than the academic areas such as jurisprudence. To better prime and prepare our graduates for practice in the community, students will be offered relevant non-law subjects as part of their core curriculum. These subjects will include compulsory courses in Social Services and Forensic Science.

Course Duration
5 years (Full-time)

Entry Requirements
The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme has the following minimum admission criteria:
Applicants to the LLB programme must have at least the GCE 'A' level with three passes (prior to 2006) or three H2 passes (from 2006), or a local Polytechnic Diploma or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or a NUS High School Diploma;
Demonstrate aptitude to practice law through taking the UK Law National Aptitude Test1
. All applicants (other than fresh school leavers with 'A' Levels or diploma certificates) will be required to provide a full CV detailing their work experience as well.

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