Science & Technology Course

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electronic Design Engineering (Top-up)

Course Type: Bachelor Degree | Study Mode: Part-Time
Keywords: Part-time | Undergraduate | Engineering | Electronic | Design
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Course Detail



The programme aims to produce graduates who can:

Apply key electronic engineering concepts and design skills in the modern engineering environment.
Innovate and be creative in the design of new electronic products, devices or components.
Conduct experimental work and generate appropriate data to evaluate concepts and deepen understanding.
Draw upon a broad knowledge of engineering business practice and integrate design in a business context.
Demonstrate an understanding and apply the competencies required to create and operate a business.

It is anticipated that students graduating from this programme will be able to take up a range of engineering roles and make immediate and valuable contributions to engineering businesses.

Assessment methods

The modules will be assessed either by coursework, examinations or a combination of both appropriate to the module objectives.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate from this course you will probably be looking for managerial roles in the design and industrial engineering industry. Alternatively, you may choose to use your project management skills in the technology industry or build on the entrepreneurial part of the course to set up your own business.


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