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Cloud Computing Security and Compliance 101

Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Part-Time
Keywords: Diploma | Undergraduate | IT

Course Detail


This course introduces you to the world of cloud computing security. You will learn a consistent way of developing cloud security competency and provides the confidence you need to adopt secure cloud solutions. In this intensive 2-day course, you will learn about the security threats and uncertainties in a cloud environment as well as industry best practices in cloud computing security for the various service models (IaaS, Paas, SaaS).

Curriculum Overview
Course Outline
Basics of Cloud Computing
Fundamental concepts
Define cloud computing
Cloud computing stack components
Cloud reference model and security
Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
Components of cloud infrastructure
Security implications of different deployment models
Advantages and disadvantages of virtual infrastructure
Different service models security basics
Managing Cloud Computing Security and Risk
Risk and Governance
Legal and Compliance
Portability and Interoperability
Incident Response
Data Security for Cloud Computing
Understand different cloud storage models
Define security issues for data in the cloud
Introduce data security lifecycle
Address cloud security and governance
Apply lifecycle to use cases
Discuss data encryption
Entry Requirements

Participant should have at least a basic understanding of the concept of cloud computing as well as a fundamental understanding of security topics such as firewall, encryption and identity management.

Other Information
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- SkillsFuture Credit
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