Science & Technology Course

CZ4065: Digital Forensics

Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Part-Time
Keywords: Undergraduate | IT | Digital | Forensics

Course Detail

On successful completion of this course, students will have:
a. Knowledge about what is stored in digital systems and how to retrieve and use such data / information to procure evidence.
b. An understanding of selected anti-forensic techniques, and how anti-forensics can be detrimental to a forensic analyst s effort in recovering evidence.
c. An understanding of network forensics, including techniques used to capture data and information on networks, and how to use such data to reconstruct a system / user activity scenario.
d. An understanding of how data is retained in storage systems.
Curriculum Overview

This course introduces digital forensics at an elementary level. Overview of forensic science, steps from collecting data to preserving evidence, and a framework for digital forensic evidence collection and processing. Fundamentals of host forensics for Microsoft Windows. Fundamentals of host forensics for Unix derivatives using the Linux operating system as an example. Introduction to steganographic techniques for images, video, textual data, and audio as well as steganalytical techniques for selected media types and approaches to traitor tracing. A survey of non-standard storage mechanisms from retention characteristics to mobile and smart phones and vehicular systems as well as network-based search and storage mechanisms.

Entry Requirements
Working professionals with prior knowledge of Discreet Mathematics or have read Specialist Certificate in Software Basics II previously.
Pre-requisite: Specialist Certificate in Software Basics II
- At least 21 years of age
- Have 2 years of full-time work experience, or have fully discharged full-time NS liability, or are currently employed on a full-time basis.
- Degree in Engineering/Science or
- Polytechnic Diploma with relevant working experience
Other Information
- SkillsFuture Series / SSG
- SkillsFuture Credit
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