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Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design (TUM-NTU joint Degree)

Course Type: Master Degree | Study Mode: Full-time
Keywords: Postgraduate | Full-time | Integrated Circuit Design | IC Design

Course Detail

Changes in integrated circuits technology have had a huge impact on our day to day life. Incredible technological advances over the last 50 years enable us to integrate billions of transistors on a single integrated circuit. At the same time the cost of a single transistor has decreased exponentially. The result is that every day new attractive applications for the use of ICs open up, enabling the semiconductor industry to grow much faster than the overall economy. However, the semiconductor industry s capability to make intelligent use of all these transistors in designing successful products has not kept pace with the manufacturing capabilities. The electronics and semiconductor industries are therefore constantly looking for well-educated integrated circuit design engineers.
The international Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design which is jointly offered by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) aims to educate the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurial leaders for the fast moving semiconductor industry. The programme contents ranges from analog, digital and mixed-circuit design over architectural concepts for integrated circuits to design methodology and automation. Product manufacturing and testing are also addressed. Integrated circuit design is also placed in a broader context, e.g. by teaching fundamental concepts of signal processing which are at the core of today s communications circuits. Students will also be taught essential non-technical topics such as product marketing, international management, patent law and aspects of culture and globalization. This will be mainly done by highly qualified freelancers from our industry partners. Upon the successful completion of the programme, the student will be awarded a joint Masters degree from NTU and TUM.
Course Duration
24 months (Full-time)
Entry Requirements
An applicant must have completed minimally a 3-year** Bachelor Degree (Honors) or European/German FH Diploma or its equivalent in areas of Electrical, Electronics Engineering or a closely related discipline from a university with recognized standing with at least a 2nd Upper Honors or equivalent.
 *Tuition fees are subject to revision due to currency fluctuations at the discretion of TUM Asia. All prices stated above are inclusive of 7% GST
Next Intake: Aug 2017