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NICF - IT Organisation Change Management

Course Type: Certification | Study Mode: Part-Time
Keywords: Certificate | IT | Technology | ERP Systems | SAP | Organisation Change Management
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Lithan Academy

Course Detail

This modular course aims to enhance students' knowledge and understanding of organisational design, organisational change processes and organisational development and change. It also intends to advance students' skills and competencies in the diagnostic processes for assessing the need for change and the development, implementation, and evaluation of change strategies at all organisational levels. The themes covered will include:
- An introduction to organisational development and change
- Different types and philosophies of change
- managing change in the contexts of organisational culture, politics, gender and leadership
- Managing incremental change and the development of intervention change strategies at all organisational levels
- The organisational change agent and diagnostic process
- Managing discontinuous change; learning environments, and change in organisations.
Course Duration
36 hours (Modular)
Entry Requirements
- Students who are interested to know more about Organisation Change Management.
- Students must be Singaporean / SPR to avail WDA funding
WDA grant (50% capped at $15/hr) for Singaporean/PR.
(Please send in enquiry to understand more)