Accion Labs is a global Innovation-centric organization with 100% focus in the emerging technologies offering Business Innovation services, Strategic consulting, and full-lifecycle implementation services to our clients. We have experience in a range of products – consumer facing products, enterprise products, infrastructure products, EAI/ESB/BPM products.

Accion Labs suite of services aim to meet the unique requirements of organizations, from business consulting, developing custom solutions (Software Engineering), implementing packaged solutions (Application Implementation), to outsourcing and managing applications. We are a rapidly growing, highly competitive and responsive organization with professional management, strong technical and financial resources and deep commitment to fully serve its clients in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Dubai and USA.
Opportunities abound when you work @ Accion Labs, a World-Class Software Solutions and Service Provider.

We are always looking for professional who possess an ability to Think out of the box, the ability to evoke that Entrepreneurial streak residing somewhere within themselves and If you have outstanding skills, high energy, and like to work in a team environment with peers and customers to talk about and of course have what it takes we"d love to hear from you.
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Job Summary
Accion Labs Pte Ltd


3 - 12 years

Java, XML, Unix, Oracle PL/SQL

Bachelors/ Degree


Software Engineer/Programmer

Banking/Financial Services
Programmer Analyst

Key Responsibilities
1. Perform Unix Scripting coding, Java development when required.
2. Analyze User & Business requirements, and developed Test Scenarios & Cases for functional testing and System Integration Testing
3. Walk-through of test scenarios/cases to business stakeholders, Business Analyst and Designer/Developer and complete sign-off.
4. Performs System Integration Testing
5. Record and track defects uncovered during the execution of tests and escalated the issues status to project management and updated Teams on items of impact and participate in resolution; design retest cases/scripts/data to retest.
6. Manage UAT User Queries &coordinate UAT Activities so that UAT can be completed timely.
7. Prepare & performs UAT & PROD Implementation using Change Control Software
8. Review the code developed by Vendor, enhance the system & performance
9. Involves in performance enhancement analysis

Key Requirements

Profession Knowledge and Expertise
1. Strong knowledge of and experience with various technologies
o Administrating and using Database (Oracle)
o Administrating and using WebSphere MQ
o Managing and using Version Control software (eg: Aldon)
o Operating Unix (LINUX/REDHAT) Operating Systems, including scripting
o Managing and using Application Servers (e.g. WebSphere)
o Development of software build processes using Apache Ant
o Development with JAVA (J2EE)
o Development with XML technologies (XSD, XML, XSLT)
o SQL: effective and database performant SQL development
2. Good understanding of SWIFT
o Understanding of SWIFT messaging protocols (FIN, InterAct)
o Understanding of SWIFT messaging standards (RMA, MT’s, BIC, LT)

1. Development experience with other financial messaging products is an asset.
2. Experience automating build and deployment processes of J2EE applications using ant on WebSphere application servers is an asset.
3. Experience as a development Release Manager on a major project is an asset.
4. Experience working with other SWIFT Alliance Messaging Hub is an asset.
5. Experience working with other workflow engine technologies (BPM) is an asset.
6. Experience working with other transformation engine technologies is an asset.
7. Experience working with other Local Clearing system is an asset