UPS South District Marketing Strategy Assistant Manager

About the Job

The Marketing Strategy Assistant Manager participates in marketresearch, and product/program management to assist in the development andexecution of segment marketing strategies. He/She is responsible for supportinga particular industry/customer segment by gathering information and performinganalyses used to assess the performance of UPS’s products, services, customersegments, and value propositions. This position supervises specialist staff.


PerformsCustomer Research

  • Builds and runs queries to collect customerbehavior and demographic information that identifies trends within targetedcustomer segments.

  • Performs data analyses to convert raw data intorelevant metrics to establish and document product/segment performance (e.g.,package volume and revenue impact, break even point, rate of return, etc.).

  • Responds to stakeholder’s requests to provideinformation on outcome of customer research.

  • Conducts research (e.g., phone calls, focusgroups, e-mail surveys, etc.) with customer segments to determineproject/program obstacles, problems or opportunities for new offerings.

  • Identifies key findings from research andrefines data results to report to management and stakeholders.

ConductMicro Market Analysis

  • Conducts detailed analysis of the Country’scurrent and potential revenue and profit within the industry or segment toinform the identification and targeting of opportunities.

  • Determines gaps in funnel relative to segmentpotential to identify and prioritize opportunities.

  • Geographically maps and quantifies pockets ofindustry concentration and economic growth potential to inform prioritizationof opportunities.

  • Provides prioritized lead lists to focusefforts on selected opportunities.

DevelopsMarketing Strategy

  • Creates agenda for strategy sessions to outlinepurpose of meetings and expected outcomes.

  • Works with cross functional groups (e.g.,marketing, communications, customer technology, etc.) to define strategicopportunities and/or program components, assess market size, and buildmarketing and communications plans.

  • Participates in cross functional workingsessions as both sponsor and subject matter expert to assist in writingbusiness requirements for new products and marketing programs.

  • Produces project proposal for presentation tomanagement to gain approval for project development.

  • Writes Program Development Document forinitiative (i.e., description of project, cost and revenue impacts) toestablish project priorities.

  • Generates marketing tactics (i.e.,teleawareness, direct mail, etc.) to target customer issues and businessdrivers.

  • Compiles and analyses customer survey responsesto understand customers’ needs and determine useful inputs for futurestrategies.

  • Acts as a SME for new product development andassesses the impact of new products and services on existing products and services.        

SupportsCustomers and Products

  • Interacts with customers (e.g., internet,phone, face to face) to solve problems and answer questions about new programsor program content.

  • Responds to internal and external customerinquiries to answer customer questions about existing programs.

  • Answers questions from the field to explainproducts/programs or address potential concerns.

  • Supports the sales force by assisting in thedevelopment of sales strategies to address customer needs that increase volumeand revenue.

  • Works with the Communications Department tocreate materials for customers and the sales force (e.g., press releases,customer case studies, trade shows, etc.) that support current projects andmarketing initiatives.                                 

Participatesin Project Management Activities

  • Reviews feedback from the field marketing andcustomer surveys to identify customer needs.

  • Identifies customer trends through marketresearch to determine potential impact and success of proposed strategies.

  • Analyzes market research to recommendenhancements to current or proposed offerings.

  • Attends workgroup meetings to discuss newofferings, enhancements and return on investment.

  • Coordinates meetings with other functions(i.e., Business Information Analysis, Data Analysis, Marketing) to discussproduct/program enhancements and gaps.

  • Assists in identifying new target segmentsbased on industry trends to expand UPS's market share.

  • Presents product or program enhancements tostakeholders to gain approval and support for integrating new enhancements intothe product portfolio.

  • Establishes measurement processes and systems,provides reports on the performance of the program.

Developsand Delivers Presentations

  • Gathers, compiles and analyzes relevantresearch data for inclusion in presentations to stakeholders.

  • Creates PowerPoint slides and narratives to beused in formal presentations to key stakeholders.

  • Delivers presentations to key stakeholders(e.g., project managers, and representatives of the Sales and Marketing group,Operations, Pricing, etc.) to share information and keep them informed.

  • Responds to stakeholder questions and concernsto ensure understanding of findings and gain commitment and buy-in.         

Job Requirements
  • MinimumDegree in Marketing or Business Administration

  • 2to 3 years relevant working experience in logistics, freight forwarding orconsultancy firm preferred

  • Meticulouswith strong attention to details, demonstrate good analytical skills, maturedand logical thinking, dependable and requires minimum supervision

  • Self-starter,fast learner, proactive team player and ability to work positively in achallenging environment

  • Competentin Microsoft office Applications

  • Excellencein oral and written communication, leadership and people management skills

UPS is an equal opportunity employer – race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/sexual orientation/gender identity

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24th Jun 2019 
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