Architecture Site Engineer

Architecture Site Engineer

Higher Hub Llp
5-7 years
48000 - 72000 SGD

Job Description

Generally, Designing, analyzing and altering plans, prototypes or structures. Ensuring building plans, prototypes and structures are operating safely, effectively, and reliably. Assisting team members with project objectives, budgets and timelines. Establishing project goals.
Work with construction professional such as contractors and engineers to supervise and direct construction operations.
Also design solutions to difficulties and problems with a building construction.
In performing their duties study and evaluate construction drawings and plans to ensure a feasible design.
Conduct estimates to determine the cost requirements of getting construction materials.
Select or recommend appropriate raw materials and components required for construction.
Monitor contractor activities to ensure adherence to building codes and procedures.
Report the site status daily/weekly to manages and proposed catch up plan, manage the day-to-day activities of contractors and subcontractors working on the site. This includes monitoring schedules and progress and ensuring that project elements.
Also monitor contractor progress to verify that work is completed according to project specifications.
Conducting preliminary inspections and studies of a proposed construction site.
Determines the scope of preparatory work that needs to be completed before construction can commence, including the need for access roads and any work needed to clear and level the site prior to construction.
Prior to undertaking construction, generate material and labor cost estimates.

The site engineer examines approved drawings and site specifications to determine the necessary materials and support budget oversight activities.

They also develop estimates for manpower and determine how staffing needs fit into the timeline and budget. Site engineers might present this information to project manages as they consider contractor bids and develop overall cost estimates.
Advise contractors, engineers, and architects on process improvements and operational enhancements. They monitor construction and planning processes, looking for opportunities to enhance efficiency or reduce costs through improved operational measures.

They may also devise technical solutions to issues that are causing delays and monitor the implementation of these solutions into the overall workflow.
Maintain documentation related to construction projects, including permits, material specification sheets and budgetary documents. In some cases, the site engineer files these documents with local junsdictions, while in other cases they present these documents to project leaders and executives to provide updates on construction processes and project completion.
Play an important role in developing and enacting site safety standards and ensuring that personnel adhere to these standards throughout the construction process.

The site engineer may develop site safety documents and distribute them to personnel or make suggestions for improving jobsite safety without sacrificing efficiency.

Degree in Architectural with min 5 years site experience.

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