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Assistant Manager, Network

0 - 50 Years
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Job Description


  • Ensure  BMS/PQMS/CCCS/FMS/BaMS and their respective Controllers (here in called as IT-OT-OT Systems)  and its Integration to Cyber Security controls,  IT Monitoring and Service Management systems are operating as designed to protect the data center, capture Resources usage , calculate available capacity, and provide meaningful, timely alarms, notifications and reports to Operators and Customers
  • Develop the IT-OT-OT Technical, Design and Operations Process Standards that can be used across the KDC DC New Build or Standardizing the DCs acquired through M&A.
    • Standardize the Parameters including the Threshold to me monitored (Operational and Predictive Parameters for different Equipment’s, Alerts/Alarming standards for the different Equipment’s. Make sure Right Alarms is received by the right person at the right time.
  • Develop the IT-OT-OT Technical Architecture & Solutions working with the Vendors through the Design consultants, Project and Engineering team, IT-OT-OT Vendors so that Technical, Design and Operations standards are maintained across different DCs built.
  • Work with the IT-OT-OT vendors through the Project team (Build team) and KDC IT Infrastructure & Applications team to ensure the Implementation of the IT-OT-OT systems are implemented as per the Design, Technical and Operations standards  , so that Standardized Operating IT-OT-OT systems are Delivered to the Operations team
    • Engage, lead, and direct vendors via Scope of Work and Requests for Proposals/information documents.
    • Implement corporate IT Security policies procedures and standards to maximize the performance of systems, applications and networks. This includes the Data Backup Recovery and any License Management.
    • Perform inspections, and assist in the testing and commissioning of the I-OT-OT systems from KDC operations perspective
  • Prepare and maintain IT-OT-OT systems support documentation, test plans,
  • Lead and Manage any Tech Refresh of IT-OT-IT systems to make sure the Standards are maintenance and transparency in operations are maintained
  • Problem Management ( any repeated  Faults/bugs leading to Incidents need to be reviewed and permanent fix to be done working with the IT-OT-OT Vendors
  • Traveling may be required as part of the New DC Build
  • Assisting in project work relating to the Network Infrastructure
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Technology, or other related Engineering degrees or equivalent professional experience.
  • 6 or more years of experience with the Design, Implementations and Operations critical monitoring/control systems and support for critical facilities.
  • Working knowledge and experience with an IT-OT-OT Systems in a Critical DATA CENTRE Environment.
  • Familiarity with Data center  Power and Cooling Infrastructure  Equipment’s
  • Experience performing commissioning, qualification & change control activities related to IT-OT-OT systems including but not limited to DC Power and Cooling Infrastructure
  • Ability to read, interpret, and produce engineering documents that may include: Control Drawings, Sequence of Operations, Bill of Materials, Graphical User, Interface requirements, and Functional Specifications.
  • Experience with BAC-net, Modbus, TCP/IP configuration, SNMP communication protocols, Active Directory security and Microsoft Office tools.
  • Understanding of basic power calculations on single and 3-phase circuits, electrical diagrams, control diagrams
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