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Job Description : ICT Training for School ICT Programmes (50%) 1. Plan and design lessons for school’s Digital Literacy programme, integrated with subject areas. The lessons cover: § Digital literacy for learning – use of platforms for collaborative work and self-directed learning § Digital literacy in computational thinking and skills 2. Design and administer application tasks for all Digital Literacy programmes conducted to facilitate pupils’ acquisition of ICT skills and dispositions, in line with 21st Century Competencies. 3. Schedule and conduct lessons (est. 15 hours per week contact time with pupils) for school’s Digital Literacy Programme for Primary 1 to 6 pupils. 4. Review all Digital Literacy programmes through post-training surveys of teachers and pupil self-checklist to assess their learning based on the success criteria set for each learning programme. 5. Develop and build up teaching resources for training pupils in digital literacy. 6. Facilitate and guide niche groups of pupils in Innovation projects and competitions 7. (Info-Comm Club) Support CCA Teachers in: (a) Co-training pupils in photography, videography, photo-editing, video-editing and post-production. (b) Guide pupils during training by external vendors and in pupils’ projects (c) Train identified Cyber Wellness (CW) ambassadors in alignment with CW Ambassador Training Programme 8. Support and facilitate schools’ ICT programmes for collaborative and self-directed learning (including production/post-production of lesson packages, use of Google Suite tools and other ICT tools for learning) 9. Train pupils and teachers on the use of Online Learning Systems and/or other IT-enabled educational applications Educational Administration for School’s ICT Programmes (20%) 10. Administrate and manage school’s online learning platforms (MCOnline, Google Classroom, etc.), including: (a) Account creation and groups management (b) Setting up of Admin applications in platforms for PCTC, CCA Registration, Facility Booking, etc. 11. Facilitate pupils’ use of Online Learning Resources (e.g. Moo-O, P2 Maths Explorer). 12. Set up computing devices before lessons. 13. Archive pupils’ work on external media. 14. Administer school-based surveys (NE Survey, SEM Surveys, etc.) 15. Assist in ICT Department work, including but not limited to the following: § Providing ICT Support during school and national examinations § Training ICT Buddies during Tier 1 Leadership Training ICT Administration to support School Programmes (30%): 16. Administrate and update content in school website. 17. Provide photography, video-recording, editing and curation of photographs and videos of school events, including school’s Facebook update 18. Produce media (photo montages and/or videos) for school events. 19. Design and produce/print school publications, publicity and educational materials (including posters, certificates, SHINE cards, booklets and other communications materials) 20. Update and maintain Class Profiles in online platforms. 21. Support teachers in creation and/or administration of online quizzes, forums and/or surveys. 22. Provide Any other administrative or technical support as assigned by the Principal, Vice-Principal and/or HOD-ICT

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